beautifully crafted wooden & Bamboo products


Revolutionary modern options to disposable plastic cutlery,
durable, biodegradable products made from wood or bamboo,
are carbon neutral and an all-around healthier and elegant choice for the environment.

About us

TREEPLATE founded in 2016, is a manufacturer of eco-friendly biodegradable wooden and bamboo products such as ice cream sticks and spoons, tongue depressors, toothpicks, BBQ food picks, cutlery, place mats, containers, plant sticks and more. Our beautifully crafted wooden & bamboo products are compostable and hence address a major environmental concern in providing an unique and affordable alternative to plastic products commonly used in the fields of food – from fast foods to star hotels, medicine – disposable accessories, art – brushes to easels, etc.

At, TREEPLATE we are equipped with scientifically trained designers and work-force to transfer these eco-friendly ideas into real products. Located in Bangalore, India we enjoy convenient transportation connectivity by road and air, and also proximal to the sea. With the abundant export experience coupled with the presence of customs port of entry in Bangalore, we have established an efficient logistics system to handle orders from all over the world. Customer satisfaction is our mission! When you choose TREEPLATES products, you are choosing Eco-friendly, natural, healthy and fashionable life style! Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Eco-friendly Disposable Utensils

Revolutionary modern options to disposable plastic cutlery, these durable, biodegradable products made from wood or bamboo, are carbon neutral and an all-around healthier and elegant choice for the environment as well as your needs. For your out-door picnics, we also have cutlery kits containing a wooden fork, knife, spoon, tooth-pick & a paper napkin packed in an paper-wrap.


Our wooden Plates & Cutlery have competitive price and high quality with natural wood material, so it is used for food without any health problems and also have beautiful appearance because of its comfortable design. It belongs to green tableware.


Not easy to break
Disposable and Healthy
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FSC certificate


The iron ore on the earth is a kind of limited and non-renewable resource. Compared with traditional steel tableware, wooden cutlery makes you no need of considering the cleaning problems like steel tableware any more and confirm to the fast living pace in modern society.

Plastic cutlery causes a lot of pollution to the environment, plastic products are now being regulated and constantly reduced. But wood products will not cause any environmental pollution, so we can replace plastic cutlery by wooden cutlery. In the meantime, our products are food grade, won’t cause any damage to human body. We endorse to recycle & convert the wooden waste into biocompost & mulch.

We also are giving back to the nature by replanting the forest as a CSR activity. To better serve our customers' different requirements, we can also design and manufacture non-standard bamboo wooden items according to your specific requirements.

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